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Reward customers for referring your business

Customers share your products & services to friends and get refer bonus or group purchase discounts.

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Advertise on customers’ social network. 

Combaa helps sellers list products & services online and set up social network based marketing programs. Happy customers share their personalized "refer cards" and get rewarded for bringing in new sales. 

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How it works

Create Refer Program

List your products & services online and set up its referral program. We will help you start selling online in a heartbeat!

Share Refer Cards

Customers create refer cards for your products with text, photos or videos.

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Once your friends purchased from your link, you get rewards. It can be a special gift from the seller that you will never expect!

Example Use Cases

All the products & services that can benefit from "Word of mouth" and social network sharing can benefit. Click the following list of refer cards to see how it works in detail.

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How it Benefits


  • Online payment processing. 

  • Rewards program for refer and group purchase.

  • Better leads from customers' social network.

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  • Share on your social media, get rewarded automatically.

  • Help the community by answering their inquiries.

  • Get your own unique discount/rewards based on the sales you drive!

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  • Discover trustworthy products endorsed by your friends.

  • Claim discounts and rewards on the referred cards.

  • Form a group with others for group discounts.

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Hi Sellers,
Create Refer Cards For Free

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